A boutique PR agency that brings a touch of Parisian flair to the global market! We operate across Europe, the Middle East, and North America, connecting your brand with audiences around the world.

At Babble-upour goal is to elevate your brand’s REACH, CONNECTION & ENGAGEMENT. As forward-thinkers, we understand that the modern marketplace requires innovative strategies to successfully connect with your audience. We specialize in strategic communication and integrated campaigns that will take your brand to the next level. Our partnerships with cutting-edge communication technology providers ensure that we stay at the forefront of the industry, delivering the best results for our clients.



  • Strategic planning
  • Advice on media partnerships, negotiation, and implementation of special operations for optimal visibility
  • Design and implementation of customized press campaigns
  • Press release global distribution
  • Product placement
  • Media & influencers relations
  • Pitches and storylines


  • Branding strategy & positioning
  • Rebranding
  • Sales & marketing collaterals
  • Illustration
  • Website visual & development
  • Digital assets
  • Concept creation
  • Sponsorship outreach
  • Media/Influencers and VIPs invitations & partnership
  • Outreach communication
  • Brand/products placement


  • Community management
  • Influencers identification & engagement
  • Editorial line creation
  • Viral marketing
  • Ambassador campaigns
  • Photo and video production


Inviting the media and influencers to your event had never been easier!!

Are you organizing a press conference, a business seminar, launching a new product/company or celebrating an anniversary? Are you organizing a network event, a concert, a fashion show, or an annual show?

Now, with our media invitation solution,  you can quickly and painlessly submit your Save The Date invitation to us and the media/bloggers categories you wish to invite.

We’ll also give you tons of tricks and tips to help you create the perfect announcement for your event.

We will distribute your Save The Date to premium event listing platforms, major search engines, thousands of opt-in journalists/ bloggers and news subscribers in your industry.

We’ve customized few packages to fit your needs, let’s talk?

Every company has news/products that could interest potential customers locally and internationally without having necessarily the possibility to reach the right media outside their country of operations.

We work closely with you to create newsworthy content,  adaptable to the different cultures/markets you target, then we get this news distributed to every major news sites, search engines like Google and Yahoo, and to a selected global listS of our opt-in journalists and bloggers.

With our Premium PR Campaigns your news will be sent within Europe, the US, and/or anywhere around the world.  So, in addition to getting your information certainly picked up by up to 250 google indexed news outlets, you can also align it to the industries and regions that matter most to your business.

Effective media placement plans and high ROI don’t happen by accident.

Every business has a great product or a story that deserves to be featured in the media. A favorable media placement can help spread the word about your company, products, boost credibility and ultimately bring more business through your doors.

We start by working closely with you to identify your target markets/audience and best media channels to place your content/brand/product from: blogs, direct mail/newsletters, pay-per-click, sponsored articles/interviews, special events to radio or TV programmes. 

We have negotiated special rates with major specialized media outlets and influencers to ensure generating the most effective response at the lowest possible cost for our clients.